When buying for Finders Keepers, I ask myself the following questions:

  • Where does this brand manufacture their goods? Are they paying their work force a living wage?
  • What materials are the products made from?

and this is the most important question…

  • Will this item be treasured for years to come? We don’t want to sell things that will end up in landfill soon after, our name is Finders Keepers after all!

The answers to the questions above help us connect with brands we believe our customers will love and treasure.

All our gifts are wrapped using recycled brown paper and wool. We offer recycled paper bags to our customers if they’ve forgotten their own. Our bags are stamped with our own water based stamp. 

Rather than purchasing new boxes, we try to recycle boxes and packaging as much as possible when shipping out your purchases.

We’re not perfect. Some of our products are purchased internationally and we understand the impact of this now. That is why we take extra care in making sure a product is really worth it before introducing it to the store. We would like to offset our carbon footprint by donating to a worthy sustainable project, our plan for 2020 is to find that gem and start contributing.

I promise to continue learning and adapting so we can do our bit to help the world.